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Catherine will help you shape your healthy lifestyle with a personalized workout or bodywork session.



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    I like to pull from the latest research to utilize the best techniques of bodywork and touch therapy (FR, Ki-Hara, and NOIgroup) to help people gain more access to the inherent potential that resides in their own bodies. The bodywork is a tool I use but eventually I want the client to be able to help themselves get out of pain, or access desired movement. 

     Sessions might consist of a half hour of bodywork, the remaining hour using movement and exercises. The precisely catered exercises will help the changes gained through the manual work, hold neurologically in the body. Whatever ranges of motion that get opened up through bodywork you want to then teach the brain how to control that newly acquired range. For some individuals the whole hour may consist of some form of bodywork due to their needs at that time. All sessions of course are individually catered to the clients needs. 



Catherine is also available for lecturing workshops, and seminars. Contact her for more information.


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Other past workshops include: Introduction to HyperMobility

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