Sometimes you might find your kid languishing around the playground not exactly motivated to move around much. I have tried to figure out a few ways to inspire some more action on the playground. I came up with this game that seemed to get the kids more engaged and naturally moving around. 

I asked my son to show me an activity he thought I couldn't do. So he did a pull-up on the outside of the  play structure holding onto the vertical rungs. Oh boy! Here goes. I was able to do that one. It was ON now! He ran over to another structure to figure out another feat to try to stump me. So he jumped up on the bars pulled himself up to the top, sat on the top and then jumped off. I called mercy, mainly due to the fact that I couldn't get my body through the bars. So I gave him a point. 


No points for the move in the picture above, momma did it! When he stumped me 10 times, that's  10 points. Game over. Sometimes they get so into it they forget the points and the game and just start playing around. Yeah goal attained! 

I find this to be great for kids because it puts them in control of the activity. They rarely hold any sort of control in their little lives, so it can be empowering for them. It also allows them to show their prowess in their exceptional moves on the playground thereby boosting their confidence.

Best of all it gets yourself moving around. If you are not one who is super adept at hanging on rings and pulling your weight around a play structure, give yourself a handicap that you have agreed on at the beginning. If they skip rings, maybe you can swing one by one, or do one at a time, or have half your weight supported on the ground. 

If you do it enough you might actually notice that you get better and stronger at holding your weight. These activities are actually great for adults but we rarely get the chance to practice hanging around.  

If you have siblings around the same age they can also play with each other. Be warned with two boys this can escalate into a bit of insanity fairly quickly with them getting on higher and higher precipices egging each other on. This may result in mini heart attacks of your own. So, you are forewarned. 

Also if you or your child are not into the play structure they can challenge you at sprints, or hopping, leaping the farthest, dance moves, jump roping, the sky’s the limit. 

For those of you sans kids you can do this with a friend or significant other using parkour courses, or trees. 

Remember have fun and keep moving.

Catherine Cowey