"Catherine has been my trainer for 4 years and she gets 5 stars (out of 5) from me.  I see Catherine twice a week for an hour per session.  My strength and flexibility has improved greatly in my core, arms and legs.  I notice it mostly on the golf course where my distance per club has increased over 20%.  For an old man, this is pretty good.  And we have fun–lots of laughing, sometimes with and sometimes at each other.  Choosing Catherine as your personal trainer would be a good move."


“I’ve trained with Catherine for over ten years. As I approach my senior years, I enjoy the strength, flexibility and balance of a much younger woman. All of this I owe largely to Catherine’s vast knowledge of kinesiology, her skill for motivating her clients and her keen interest in my fitness needs and goals. Oh, and by the way, she has a killer sense of humor.”


“Catherine is the best! She understands her clients bodies and their needs, a real pro when it comes to personal fitness.  She has corrected a problem I had with my shoulder that I thought was going to be chronic.  I thought a personal trainer was only for the affluent and indulgent, rather it’s the best personal time that I give myself during the week.”


“Catherine is very adept at reading your body and figuring out where your problem spots are – stiff neck, sore back, weird pains – she gets them all and works out strategies to alleviate the problems.  I’ve been working out with Catherine for years now (over 10 years!) and am so thankful she’s around.  She’s no drill sergeant but definitely doesn’t let you take it easy, either.  And she’s always coming up with new exercises to keep me on my toes.  I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine to anyone looking for a new trainer.”