Mobility vs Flexibility


So I just presented on the ins and outs of hypermobility this past weekend and we got to the subject of flexibility versus mobility. First, is there a difference between the words? Yes indeed.  Let's tackle the terms, flexibility is the range of motion your joint can be brought into. That is to say if someone can push your leg up to your ear the joint has that range of flexibility. But the mobility of your joint would be, can you with the power of your own muscles keep it in that range of motion and move it though the ranges that your joint can go passively?

As we started talking about it I realized this is the gist of what plagues hypermobile folks. They have a huge degree of flexibility due to amount of laxity in supporting structures of ligaments, tendons and other collagenous tissue. So passively they can scratch their head with their toes if they hold their leg up. But they might not have the ability to actively control the ranges they have which leads to the joints themselves swishing around quite a bit without much ownership of the movement. So with this new terminology we want to create hypermobility and take ownership of their hyperflexibility.

Catherine Cowey