Practical solutions to a complex condition



Course description:

Join Catherine Cowey to explore how people with joint hypermobility experience the world from inside and out. We will unlock the physiology behind the vast spectrum of their puzzling symptoms, and review the best techniques to alleviate them and enhance their well being. You will gain practical methods to help these individuals better understand their bodies, decrease pain and injury, and gain better control of their hypermobile joints via strength training practices that cater to their specific needs. 




Part 1: Explaining Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders: The Science, Symptoms, and Solutions

It is advisable to buy both parts of the course, but I wanted to give the option if you are mainly interested in the physiology and research behind hypermobility spectrum disorders, the first course is a good option for you.

  • History of the research on hypermobility spectrum disorders from generalized joint laxity to Ehlers-Danlos
  • Physiology behind hypermobilty spectrum disorders
  • Overview of the diagnostic protocols
  • Explanation of the common symptomatology and possible solutions
  • Basics behind pain science education and management tools

Part 1 includes:

  • 2 Recorded lectures with slideshows
  • 2 Slideshow PDFs 


Part 2: Practical Application

Again it's advisable to purchase both parts of the course but if you know the basics of hypermobility and are looking for some ideas, tips, and techniques on exercises and how to go about getting people with hypermobility back in action then this is the course to purchase.

  • Breathing physiology basics, and exercises to help create efficient breathing mechanics
  • What to look for when assessing the hypermobile with specific considerations to take into account
  • Joint stability exercises to get better control of the joint which will help decrease pain, and the "feeling" of tightness.
  • Exercises to boost proprioception including isometrics, resistance stretching, and end range strength exercises
  • Strength training basics
  • Perturbation exercises- an effective strength tool helping to create tension in the hypermobile body.

Part 2 includes:

  • Recorded lecture with slideshow
  • Practical exercise videos within the slideshow including: breathing, joint stability, resistance stretching, end range strength exercises. 
  • Slideshow PDF


Part 1: Cost $40

Part 2: Cost $60